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The building which today is the Tourism Center of Natal, contains one of the most privileged views of urban beaches in the city, the Potengi River, the Reis Magos fortress and the Newton Navarro bridge (Natal – Redinha).

It is a structure built at the turn of the 19th to the 20th century, in the neoclassical style, along the years is has been successively used as a private residence, a mendicants asylum, an orphanage, military area (during the 2ND world war) and Natal’s public penitentiary until 1969.

In the 1970’s, the building was restored with the purpose of hosting the "Tourism Center of Natal", having been inaugurated on November 13th, 1976, but its registering by the historic and state artistic heritage only occurred on August 11th, 1988.

The Center of Tourism stands out due to its pioneering role in the provision of services and specialized products for the tourists. At the time of its inauguration one could not imagine that Natal would turn into one of the main tourist destinations of the country.

Today, the Center is administered by a recognized association such as of public utility with the support and supervision of the State Department of Tourism and contains in its facility:

  • A touristic information stand in 3 different languages;
  • A memorial of the history of the building;
  • Internet for the tourist and their respective guides;
  • 42 Regional handicrafts shops: articles of clothing both male and female, with their respective accessories, tablecloths, bathing apparel, layettes for children, quilt bedding, in addition to many other products made in ceramic, wood, straw and sisal;
  • An Art Gallery (1st floor) with the largest artistic collection of the state: popular art, painting, sculpture, woodcut, and antiques in general and rare books of other locations;
  • The traditional Forró com Turista, which happens every Thursday from 10 p.m. on;
  • Marenosso Restaurant with regional and international dishes. Also has distilleries and manioc dumplings stuffed with carne de sol, shrimp and cheese;
  • Snack Bar with a variety of juice and finger food;

With more than 30 years of existence Natal’s Tourism Center has become one of the main attractions for the visitors who arrive in the city. The fact that it has a series of services and options in a building of historical character, it is without a doubt, a very important differential in comparison with other places that sell crafts.

Those who come to the Center of Tourism, not only take, but also cherish strong memories of a place where it has the best handcrafts products, art and Potiguar culture.

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