The Forró

The Forró com Turista (Literally Forró with Tourist) is a promotion that was conceived in 1987 with the purpose to offer the tourists and the natalenses (natives of Natal) a night of more than entertainment in our city, focusing on our traditional culture of forró, Pé de Serra (typical traditional forro) the dance, the repente (distinctive form of literature called literatura de cordel, which is a type of ballads that include elements incorporated into music and an improvised lyrical contest on themes suggested by the audience) and the art, valuing the local artists, creating opportunities and generating jobs.

The Forró com Turista, the most traditional of Natal, is very proud of already having completed 25 years of tradition! Always with the same purpose of maintaining and enhancing each time more the true and authentic forró, with a lot of xote (a basic style, danced close together in a left-left-right-right movement, and has no spinning or variations), xaxado (a popular dance created in the Sertão of Pernambuco state often practiced by cangaceiros of the region to commemorate victory in battle; it is also practiced as a traditional dance by the local population as a whole. The name xaxado comes from the noise made by the cangaceiros' sandals as they strike the sand during the dance.), baiao (basically a style of xote, but with the partners tilting to the sides and moving their legs less to follow the faster rhythm), Forró and lots of beautiful people and it has made Thursday nights a tradition! Always highlighting and disseminating our art, our rhythms and values, beyond borders!

If you're looking for fun, entertainment, and lots of beautiful people in Natal your place is here at Forró com Turista, every Thursday of the year! The space is open, also, for the realization of other Events. Therefore, if you want to promote your party in a cozy place and of great historical value, contact us.

The place is an attraction in itself, Tourism Center of Natal, the old city jail, registered by the Historical Heritage, today it is the best historical site of the city, it houses one of the best centers of handicrafts of the State, where each former cell is a small shop with the most various types of crafts from our region, an Art Gallery, with an excellent Potiguar (from Rio Grande do Norte state) art collection, the Marenosso Restaurant with its magnificent view of the urban beaches of Natal with the regional and contemporary cuisine menu "It is mouth watering"! (Visit the restaurant page).

The courtyard of the old jail is nowadays our dance floor, where it literally lives up to the name of our special event, Forró com Turista, because it is where the integration amongst tourists and Natalenses happens, in addition to the large participation of people from all the regions of Brazil and normally from several other countries, to the sound of a lot of Forró, a great deal of dancing, improvised square dancing and much excitement! Many different cultures meet in the same space with the same goal: to have fun, to disclose and receive well all those who visit us!

The Forró com Turista offers a full-service bar, a Dance Academy with 12 young people (6 couples), whose purpose is to interact with the public that is invited to dance, A Repentista (similar to a poet) receives the States and Countries which are present through poetry, security service, support staff and optional shuttle service which must be consulted and scheduled through our office +55 (84) 3211 6218.

Photos from Rio Grande do Norte and Forró com Turista


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